Thursday, 1 March 2018

Frankfurter Allgemeine

June Victor and Gillian Horsup Vintage Jewellery were interviewed for an article in the German newspaper supplement Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazine, called ‘Everything is Vintage’ The fashion of the sixties leaves its mark in London to this day, by Jennifer Wiebking.

Top left, top right and bottom right all Vintage Modes

This extract from the article has been translated: 

In the Sixties, June Victor was a London secretary, earning seven pounds a week “Young people like me were better off than the generations before us. There was the saying ‘You never had it so good’.” 
June Victor heard often that others had never had it so good before. It was an ‘in-between’ period: the immediate post-war years were over, the economic crisis of the Seventies was not yet an issue. Young people like June Victor not only had a little more money than before, they also enjoyed other freedoms in other areas of their lives. This not only meant that they no longer had to go shopping with their mothers in the department store. 
With mass production of stockings, all at once there was also the possibility to wear mini dresses summer and winter "Suddenly you could buy stockings just like that." says June Victor. “The first ones I had would slip down immediately!” says her business partner Gillian Horsup, who now runs the business Vintage Modes with June Victor in the antique centre Grays Antiques.
At the beginning of the Sixties, June Victor was in San Francisco and noticed a new trend around, which was soon to conquer Europe “The hippies had long hair and woven pigtails”...

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