Thursday, 13 December 2012

Only in London by Sphere

The definitive guide to luxury shopping in London
Winter 2012

Only in Mayfair 
"Antiques at Grays: A wonderful rambling warren of antiques stands with everything from exquisite vintage ballgowns to serious silver collectibles."

Most Wanted
"For one-of-a-kind gifts discover treasures such as this Jan Havlik sapphire diamond ring at Grays Antiques.

Luxure Magazine

Winter 2012

Interior designer Irina Townsend explains why she loves collecting vintage costume jewellery and that she buys from Grays dealers Linda Bee and Gillian Horsup.

"With my background in interiors of course I love the fact that vintage costume jewellery has such extraordinary design and it's the high quality of design rather than the intrinsic worth that give these pieces value.  I've learned a lot from knowledgable dealers such as Gillian Horsup nad Linda Bee, who I enjoy chatting to about the craftmanship of this era." Irina Townsend