Tuesday, 12 July 2011

BBC Homes & Antiques

August 2011
The Vintage Issue

Bags of Fun - By Madeliene Marsh

Grays dealer Linda Bee gives some insight into 1950s handbags;
"'They can look fantastic with modern outfits,' insists Linda. 'Finding vintage clothes that fit can sometimes be a challenge but, whatever your age and whatever your size, anyone can carry off a vintage handbag.'"

Lea Stein by Judith Miller

Judith Miller offer expert advice about collecting Lea Stein brooches and jewellery.  All the pieces pictured are from Gillian Horsup in Grays Mews.

Where to Buy:
Gillian Horsup & Linda Bee in Grays Mews have both been listed and stock an exceptional range of Lea Stein pieces.

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