Sunday, 22 March 2009


March 2009

Vintage gilt and faux-pearl earrings from Unicorn

Plastic anchor earrings from Linda Bee
Vintae gilt charm bracelet, vintage clamshell earrings and gilt and leather rope earrings from Annie Jackson

Plastic flower earrings from Gillian Horsup

Vintage feather headpiece from Vintage Modes

Vintage velvet flower hat from Vintage Modes


March 2009

Plastic sunglasses £48 from Gilian Horsup

Metal bauble earrings, by Annie Jackson at Grays
Above: Beaded fringe earrings (part of set) by Annie Jackson
Below:Metal rectangule-link bracelet (part of set);metal like bracelet both by Annie Jackson
Metal, plastic and glass earrings, by Gilian Horsup
On right arm: metal link bracelet by Annie Jackson

Metal oval-links bracelet by Gilian Horsup at Grays

Metal and gemstone bauble earrings by Annie Jackson at Grays

Saturday, 21 March 2009

How To Spend It

How To Spend It
Financial Times weekend supplement
March 21st 2009

"WHERE TO BUY- Vintage Modes- Grays Antique Market. Grays Mews, 1-7 Davies Mews"

"1970's British Designers. Past masters, second hand but not second best - Even designers famed for wearablility fetch reasonable prices. Both Philip and June Victor at Vintage Modes say John Bates (or Jean Varon, his company name), benefited from a recent exhibition and a new book. "He was the party-dress boy," says Victor. "We have a jersey minidress with handstitiching at £200." Philip says dresses can be as little as £100- "they're not so precious you feel bad about altering them"- though PVC-trimmed outfits like those Diana Rigg wore in The Avengers can be up to £800." How To Spend It, 21/03/2009